There are 400,000

chil­dren and teens are currently in foster care in the US.

What is Foster Care?

Fos­ter care provides a safe, tem­po­rary liv­ing arrange­ment and sup­port ser­vices for children who have been removed from their fam­i­lies due to mal­treat­ment, lack of safe­ty or inad­e­quate care. The goal from foster care is to safe­ly reuni­fy children with their par­ents or secure anoth­er per­ma­nent fami­ly.

Lasting Effects from Foster Care 

Removing children from their home proves to be disruptive, stress­ful and trau­ma­tiz­ing. When chil­dren, youth and young adults expe­ri­ence trau­ma, it can dis­rupt healthy devel­op­ment and result in last­ing negative out­comes. Up to 80% of children in foster care experience anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues before they turn 18.


Children and Teens in care who spend 2-5 years in the foster care system.


Children and Teens who are removed from their home due to neglect.


Children and Teens in care who experience mental health issues before the age of 18.

What You Can Do to Help

Through Bananas Foster, there are four ways to get involved in the foster care community… click each section below to learn more on how you can make an impact on the foster care community.

Donate Time - Volunteer

Foster Care organizations and nonprofits are constantly looking for some helping hands. Donate your time to one of many nonprofits who are doing important work in your local community. Bananas Foster can connect you to groups who are in need volunteers!

Donate Resources - Provide Supplies

Foster families are always in need of various supplies. Donation drives for food, clothing, or other specific needs are usually held to assist these families. We can connect you to groups who collect supplies and have needs for certain goods.

Donate Financially - Make a Donation

Making a financial donations or taking part in a corporate sponsorships allows organizations to continue their mission and benefit the community. We will help you make sure your funds make a difference.

Donate Yourself - Become a Foster Family

Give children the chance to thrive and make the biggest impact on the community. Open your home to children and teens in need of foster care. We can connect you to a number of licensing agencies in your community to look over and decide which is the best fit for your family.

Creating A Brighter Future

Imagine the feeling of knowing your actions, no matter how small, are contributing to a larger cause. Whether it’s volunteering your time, providing needed supplies, donating financially, or becoming a foster caregiver, your involvement matters.